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Our Story

We've been years in the field as freelancers. we've collected our team from all over the world to make a unity of our minds to form Gravixa's creative mindset.

We are based in New Jersey in the United states of America as a small agency for our great start-up. We started also in Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a targeted countries to serve clients whom seeking creativity.

We began to create high functionality create projects (Visual identities, Websites, Etc.. ) with easy creative User Interface.

We aim to please our passion thirsty towards creativity which on the way mirrored to satisfy our clients need and made them satisfied.


The vision towards

Our Goal

Passion is what motivates us. we build our projects on our sense of passion and love, that's why creativity is our mentality. this is the way clients love to work us. and that's why you'll love to work with us for your upcoming project.